Do You Know… Susan Vecchione?

by Kimberly Smith - June 13th, 2011.
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Susan Vecchione - Senior Group Sales Support Specialist

Susan Vecchione- Senior Group Sales Support Specialist

I have two rescued cats named Annabelle and Bailee. Annabelle use to live outside the agency!
How long have you worked for the Gilston Agency:
I have been at the agency for 18 years.

When I was younger I wanted to be:
A first grade teacher.
Four words that best describe me:
Funny, outgoing, likes to laugh and friendly.
An accomplishment I am most proud of:
Purchasing my own house.
If I won the lottery, the first thing I would purchase would be:
First, I would donate to the SPCA and then purchase myself a flat screen tv and a new car!
Top 5 job responsibilities:
  1. I submit new and rework group business.
  2. I assist agents in group sales.
  3. Work with agents on quoting for presenting information to clients.
  4. Once the group is received in underwriting, I work with the carrier.
  5. Answer agent’s questions on how the benefits work.

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