Attitude is Everything

by Kimberly Smith - June 30th, 2011.
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attitudeThese days, David is less involved in the day-to-day operations of his business and focuses more on new projects, getting them up and running before passing them off to other staff members. That’s not to say every new project is a success. Even a man with a bookshelf of motivation will hit tough times. The David Agency has faced challenges over the last year thanks to massive changes to insurance and health care reform.

He admits “Obamacare” has been stressful and challenging for his business. But David has readjusted his goals and is moving forward. “Not everything in life is straight uphill. You always have to make adjustments. Smart people learn to make adjustments.”

Adjustments and attitude can go a long way toward staying the course. A coin in David’s pocket reads “Attitude is Everything.”

“Sometimes it’s hard to keep a positive mental attitude,” David says. “We’re not immune to situations. But if you keep the right attitude, then living in the scope of life is easier.”

How someone faces tough times and business challenges all goes back to goals – looking forward, planning ahead and crafting a long-term course of action.

“I’m always six months ahead,” David says. “If you’re running a business with people you’re responsible for and things happen, you don’t have the time to reflect on your next step. You have to be six months ahead.”

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